Girls and media:dreams and realities


作者:Kara Chan


出版社:City University of Hong Kong Press

出版地:Hong Kong

集叢名:Caring for youth series


ISBN:978-962-937-226-2 ; 962-937-226-6

The role of media in any society is vital and is closely related to brands and consumption especially in a vibrant 21st century Asian city. Hong Kong with its free-market economy and urban bustle is a perfect place to observe this in action. But Hong Kong is also deeply conservative in many ways especially with regard to family values, and the presence of overtly sexualized images in advertising sits uncomfortably with the values of modesty and traditional sexual mores that exist there. Young girls are also discovering their identities like any other groups of girls in the world, and often this journey will not be easy.

This book deals with media and the extent to which media representations influence girls in Hong Kong and how they are affected by this ubiquitous presence. Through the quantitative and qualitative studies, readers could examine and understand how tween girls and teen girls in Hong Kong interact with the media and how they interpret the messages from the media.

The observations found in the studies are also valuable to parents, educators, and communication scholars to better understand the influence of media on the value orientations of girls; and we hope that responsible marketers and educators can use these research findings to communicate with girls in ways which can improve their well-being.

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